Our Covid-19 safety plan

Updated: November 23, 2020

Non-medical masks are now mandatory in all indoor public spaces and retail stores by order of BC's provincial health officer.

Please wear your mask when shopping at the Argosy, unless you are medically unable to do so. We also have new reusable masks for sale for $5 each if you forget yours.

Occupancy limit: four customers at a time

Sanitize your hands upon entry.

Practice social distancing while in the store - remain 2m away from staff and customers at all times.

Our staff continues to be diligent with our COVID cleaning. Pinpads are wiped down between customers.

No-contact curbside pick-up is also an option for your purchases.

Stay safe!

~ Frances & Richard

UPDATE: October 28, 2020

On Monday, October 26th, BC's provincial health officer recommended that non-medical masks be worn in all indoor public spaces.

Here at the Argosy, our staff have been wearing their masks regularly when working out on the floor and interacting with customers.

We now expect that our customers will return the courtesy by wearing their own masks when visiting the Argosy, unless they are medically unable to do so.

We thank you in advance!

~ Frances & Richard



May 20, 2020

Richard and I are deeply committed to making sure that our customers are able to safely enjoy browsing through the Argosy, as well as keeping ourselves and our employees safe at the same time.

We have followed the current WorkSafeBC Covid 19 Safety Plan to come up with guidelines for conducting our business. It is a comprehensive, multi-step process that means that customers are protected when they come into the Argosy, and that workers are protected too.

We have established and posted an occupancy limit for The Argosy, as well as occupancy limits for common areas and work areas. Our washroom will no longer be available to customers. We require anyone entering the store to sanitize their hands at the cleansing station we have provided. 

Physical barriers are in place at the front counter. Please respect social distancing rules of staying 2m from other people.

We have identified rules and guidelines for staff conduct and work completion, including handwashing, a cleaning checklist, and protocols for any shared work space such as the front counter.

You may see us wearing a mask when its not possible to remain socially distant, for example loading an item into your vehicle. We have also set up protocols that ensure the items we purchase at auction or from walk-in customers will either be manually sanitized or will sit in quarantine until an appropriate length of time has passed.

Finally, we recognize that this is an evolving situation and that new areas of concern will probably arise as time goes on, and we encourage our customers and our employees to help us identify these risks as time goes on. 

We are very excited to be open again and look forward to seeing you all in the store again soon.