Argosy Christmas Pop-Up Shop

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Argosy Christmas Pop-Up Shop

We know many people have been eagerly anticipating when we'll re-open the Argosy's doors in our new location. 


The great news is that we'll be opening on Nov. 17, just a few weeks away! We're excited about the transformation we've wrought on the storefront area and hope everyone is excited to see it. We have all kinds of beautiful, unique pieces that we've collected over the last few months that we hope you'll love. They'll be listed on the website and available for purchase online and in person on opening day.


However, our building is very old (which is of course why we love it) and the renovations we want to do on the remaining two thirds of the building are going to take more time in the future. The reality is that we can't run the Argosy and do these renovations at the same time. 


To that end, we're going to close again after the Christmas season so we can keep working on the building (as well as continuing to source interesting items from around the province and the world). We hope you'll visit us in person over the next few weeks if you're in town, and online if you're from further away. 


~ Frances & Richard.



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