2013-08-02 12.30.13The Argosy is a unique and ever-evolving space, showcasing local west coast art, fine vintage and antique furniture, and that unusual treasure you won’t come across anywhere else.

We generally find our vintage pieces at estate sales and auctions, but always keep our eyes open for special items close to home as well. We do take certain select articles on consignment; please contact us if you have a piece to sell.

The Argosy is especially proud to showcase the work of local West Coast artists in a contemporary setting enhanced and influenced by salvaged building materials. Look for pieces by Kostan Lagace, Sarah Chi Brown, and Suzo Hickey, among others.

Recently completed renovations on the building include the construction of a live/work screen printing studio space. It boasts 12 foot high ceilings with exposed wood joists and is comfortably heated by a wood burning stove. On occasion, the printing studio will be made available to house artists in residence who wish to have access to screen printing equipment and a large open studio space in which to work.

Future plans include:

  • Glass roll-up garage doors accessing the basement, creating natural light filled areas for concrete casting and sculpture
  • Landscaped gardens and a carving shed on the adjacent lot
  • Roof-top greenhouse vegetable gardens and BBQ area.

Stay tuned, the odyssey has only just begun…


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